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Building an Effective Content Engine

Content marketing has proven time and time again that it can be a valuable revenue driver for businesses, regardless of industry.

After working with many clients over the years we realized that - while a lot of business leaders know of the value of content marketing - they struggle to turn content into a consistent, predictable channel. All too often, they start a blog, create a few posts, then lose steam. They look back at their Google Analytics account a few weeks later and see almost nothing, so they move on to channels that provide faster results.

Marketers who fail to succeed at content marketing either lack the processes, systems, and frameworks needed, or they lack the discipline to carry out those processes consistently. In this course, you’ll learn how to overcome both of these barriers, and how to prove to your company’s leadership that your content marketing efforts are positively contributing to the business. As content marketers, we have a responsibility to the business to provide predictable output of content that is geared towards driving people from awareness, to consideration, to product decision.

This course will walk you through the exact process that you can use to build a predictable, consistent content engine. We know this strategy works because we’ve used this strategy for years, implementing it for a range of companies; from below $1M ARR SaaS businesses with a small marketing budget to multi-million-dollar B2B businesses. Follow along with us to learn how to create a repeatable, scalable, and predictable content marketing engine!

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