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Take the Guesswork Out of
Content Marketing

Get the proven frameworks for creating predictable business growth using content

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Are You A Startup Founder Struggling With Content Marketing?

If you are…

  • Creating content but seeing unpredictable results,
  • Struggling to come up with new ideas for content,
  • Creating content opportunistically instead of strategically,
  • Or just not sure where to start…

Then This Course is for You!

In the past decade, we’ve started, scaled, sold, and consulted with startups around the world, and now we’re sharing our knowledge with you in our course, Building a Content Marketing Engine.

Marketing is a Science, not an Art

Marketers fail because they lack either the processes, systems, and frameworks they need, or the discipline to carry out those processes consistently.

So, this course focuses on building repeatable systems for growth.

Building an effective content marketing engine course

In this course, you’ll get the exact formulas we’ve used to grow businesses to millions of users and millions in revenue. Each module comes with multiple sections of prescriptive text-based course material and infographics.

Every section starts with a summary video in an interview style where Karl and Manuel talk about the current course section. You can “hear them thinking out loud” talking about how the current section fits into the strategic business context and how previous sections and the current section are connected and how they are part of a bigger Marketing strategy.

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Moritz Plassnig
Moritz Plassnig
Former CEO and Founder at Codeship
"As my co-founder at Codeship, Manuel helped create a lead engine based on content marketing that generated over 1M unique visitors per year to our blog, driving thousands of marketing-qualified leads every month, helping make Codeship a multi-million dollar business with 1,000s of customers.

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Markus Jenul
Markus Jenul
Head of Digital Marketing at Bitmovin
"Manuel helped us build and execute on the content marketing engine and the other systems and processes described on thisisgoodmarketing. After implementing these frameworks, we tripled our leads within 6 months while needing half the budget we had had previously allocated."

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