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You might have seen our course on creating your content marketing engine and on On-Page SEO Best Practices. Here’s a preview of what else we’re working on now:

  • Distribution Playbooks and Templates for blog posts - Once your blog posts are published, the work is not done. Without active distribution, you miss out on a lot of traffic and won’t reach your full audience. In this course, we’ll walk through processes and share templates that are simple to copy and use in your own organization.
  • Content Audits and Refreshes - Even the best content will get stale over time. This course will teach you how to understand your existing blog posts and update them to maintain your ranking in search engines.
  • Orchestrating Distribution Waves to increase lead generation - Here, we’ll walk through repeatable processes to “orchestrate distribution waves”. We’ll talk about the timing and the process of distributing into different channels, how to create “waves” that support your Sales team, and how ungated content and gated content play together to efficiently turn your traffic into known leads.

Free Guide on Keyword Audits and Topic Clusters

While you wait on new courses to be released, why not grab a free copy of our free guide How to run your own Keyword Audit and Creating Topic Clusters

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